IX Международная студенческая электронная научная конференция
«Студенческий научный форум» - 2017

Корсакова Антонина Андреевна
Большое спасибо за Ваш вопрос! Действительно, в настоящее время внутри Европейского Союза возникло противоречие между двумя параллельно идущими процессами-глобализацией и регионализацией. Они оказывают огромное воздействие на экономическое развитие государств и регионов и несут последствия различного характера. По моему мнению, регионализация порождена глобализацией, но какого-либо отрицательного подтекста в ней нет. Наоборот, внутрирегиональная интеграция способствует объединению интеллектуальных и материальных ресурсов, созданию конкурентоспособных преимуществ стран для выхода на мировой рынок. На мой взгляд, в настоящее время в Европе более остро стоит проблема национального характера, поскольку многие государства дистанцируются от интеграционных проектов. Хрупкую конструкцию ЕС по-прежнему расшатывают внутренние противоречия, на урегулирование которых необходимы значительные экономические ресурсы и политическая воля. В противном случае, любое из этих противоречий может привести к необратимым последствия для всей Европы. Таким образом, в сложившихся условиях государства Европейского Союза должны проявить европейскую сплочённость, а не пытаться нарушить столь шаткое европейское единство.

Власова Екатерина Алексеевна
Доброго времени суток. Спасибо за вопрос! На значительный рост подросткового суицида влияет множество факторов. Ещё А.Е. Личко, говорил, что лишь в 10% случаев у подростков имеется истинное желание покончить с собой, в 90% суицидальное поведение подростка - это «крик о помощи». По статистическим данным на рост подросткового суицида влияет: 1)проблемы в семье - 72,4%; 2)несчастная любовь - 50,1%; 3)употребление алкоголя, наркотиков - 47,8% Но также мы не можем исключать акцентуации характера подростков.

АРХИВ "Студенческий научный форум"

Лебедева О.В.
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Alexey Vorobyov was born in Tula in the family of the chief of protection and housewives January 19, 1988 .From early childhood, the boy was interested in sports, played football and even played in the youth team of Tula. But later starlet became interested in music. Aside from Alexei Vorobyov, whose biography you can read on our website, in his family had two children, a brother and sister Sergei Galina. It is worth noting that all the children were taught at the music school, for example, a brother, as well as Alex himself, playing the accordion, and my sister on the piano .

Early career singer Alexei Vorobyov .Singer Alexei Vorobiev was a child became a member of various music competitions. His speech mainly consisted of playing the accordion, and not on the performance of the songs. After graduating from music school, a young man goes to the vocal department of the City Music School. In parallel, he sings in the folklore ensemble of Tula "Sweet" .

Flushed with the success of the singer moved to the capital and can easily pass the casting for the TV project "The Secret of Success." After taking third place in the contest, artist enters the State Musical College of pop-jazz art .His bright performances of young talent drew the attention of the producers and get a contract with Universal Music Russia. As a result, the young man is trusted to perform the national anthem of the "Junior Eight" in 2006 at the summit of the "Big Eight" in St. Petersburg. In addition, he serves on the concert on the occasion of the completion of the summit. The following year, the artist is awarded the prize "The opening of MTV» on the 4th ceremony MTV Russia Music Awards .In February, 2008 Vorobyev got the prize "Soundtrack" MC in the "Music and Movies" and submits an application for participation in the selection contest of who will represent Russia at "Eurovision 2008", but concedes Dima Bilan. The following year, again the fate of ill-disposed to the singer, who refuses to participate in the selection of performers at the "Eurovision" allegedly due to employment in another, more interesting project. In 2011, the artist was asked to sign a contract with the most successful music producer RedOne, in which a young person should act under the stage name Alex Sparrow. In parallel, the development of a musical career, he begins to actively act in films. In 2006 he published a film project "Alice's Dream" with the participation of the singer. In 2008, he enrolled in theater school, choosing for themselves Moscow Art Theatre School and the course under the direction of Kirill Serebrennikov. But assuming participation in the show "The Hunger Games" in 2010, the artist throws a training because of the large employment .On the show the singer Alexei Vorobyov photos, which look here, takes the second place and the winner in another TV show - "Ice and Flame". His partner on the project is becoming well-known figure skater Tatiana Navka with which the young man begins a whirlwind romance. During the TV show Sparrows gets a serious injury - a broken arm, but showing all his strength of will and courage continues to participate in the show, and eventually took first place .March 3, 2016, at the closing of XII Russian Film Comedy "Smile, Russia!", The artist is awarded a prize from Alla Surikova (President of the festival) in the category "Best Actor" for participation in the film "Wristcutters." After that, the actor offered to continue shooting in the comedy genre in the television series "Deffchonki" .n 2016, the screens will come just two films with the participation of the actor. This tape Sergei Zhigunov "The Three Musketeers" and the TV series "Brothers and Sisters".

Social activity.Actor Alexei Vorobyov actively engaged not only his own career, but also socially - useful work. So in 2008 he began to cooperate with «Dance4Life» project and becomes the official ambassador of the UN Goodwill AIDS .

Eurovision.In 2011, at the third attempt, the executor fails to get to the Eurovision Song Contest. His performance is due to a variety of scandals. For example, in preparation for the competition Alexei Vorobyov times negatively spoke as representatives of sex - minority, and some of the opponents. He did not hide that will beat any gay man who tries to touch or look at him. Another unpleasant incident "Eurovision 2011" was the accusation of his opponent - a participant from Sweden, Eric Saade, plagiarism .It is not known the reason why the singer was the result of one of the worst of all time for Russia's participation in this musical competition: whether to blame incompetence, or his scandalous statements. Sparrows in 16th place, trailing only Philip Kirkorov .

Life Alexei Vorobyov.Biography Alexei Vorobyov would be incomplete without the story of his personal life and violent novels, known to the public. However, first things first. The first woman was Julia Vasiliadi stars, member of the ensemble "Sweet." The second lady hearts actor became a leading actress of theater "snuff-box" - Anna Chipovskaya. It is known that Alex is very long sought attention beautiful girl courtship and expensive gifts. In 2011, he is credited with a short-lived affair with Tatiana Terekhova - commentator of "Eurovision 2011". Among the novels, which was marked by the singer most notable for the fans, but also as short as ever began a relationship with Tatiana Navka, actress Oksana Akinshina, performers Anna and Victoria Sedokova Dayneko. They say that because of it Annie left her husband, and reciprocated, surrendering after seven months of courtship. Sedokova, according, Alexei, left him in the hospital with a broken arm. The necessary moral support he received from Tatiana Navka, who also divorced her husband was at the time of the novel with Vorobiev. Not more than a year lasted affair with Oksana and Victor Akinshina Dayneko. And since May 2016 star considers himself free from the relationship with someone else .His short stories the man explains that he was very jealous, not tolerate their chosen around other men, and that he quickly bored of the same age. But if so, why and promptly broke his alliance with an experienced Navka? Perhaps the blame levity artist and the desire to develop your career .

Mystical stories in the life of the singer Alexei Vorobyov .Biography Alexei Vorobyov filled not only vivid novels and triumphs, but also mystical moments, about which few people know. Artist himself once said that was born dead. At midnight, on Epiphany in 1988 to light a dying kid who thanks to the efforts of doctors revived after a few minutes of death .Death reminded about themselves and about twenty-odd years. In the summer of 2016 during the filming of the movie «I Calcianti», the man received a severe blow on the head with a serious injury, life-threatening, was urgently hospitalized in a hospital in Florence. That's where the shooting took place .A year later, in late January 2016, the Russian star reunited with an old woman with a scythe. Artist had a car accident in Los Angeles. As a result, the left half of the body Vorobiev was partially paralyzed. But five months later, the man is completely restored to its former shape and started filming the sequel to "DeFFchonki" .

Alexey Vorobyov - GOODWILL AMBASSADOR.In 2007 Alexei Vorobyov Goodwill Ambassador. The candidacy of the Russian singer during the year was seen in New York's UN headquarters. It was only after the approval of Alex received a formal offer to represent the organization in Russia. It is noteworthy that the position and responsibilities fairly prestigious. In recent years, the fund was represented by celebrities such as Shakira, Alicia Keys, Nelly Futtado, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, Nicole Kidman and Justin Timberlake.Alexei Vorobyov became the first Russian artist who has received such a prestigious status. He is responsible for the United Nations Programme on AIDS in Russia. And in parallel with this Lesch he became Ambassador and an active worker of the youth program «Dance4Life (« Dance for Life ")" and the UNICEF fund.

Alexei Vorobyov NOW.Alexei Vorobyov like a spoiled child of destiny. His success and loves women. In fact, he does not come for free, it is constantly working, while finds time trying to learn something new, overcome complexity and goes further. He wrote the music and lyrics to his songs. Often, he is the author of the soundtrack to the pictures, in which he removed. Vorobiev active in film, delighting their fans with new roles. In 2014 he made his debut as a director Vorobyov, removing the short films "Daddy."Aleksey Vorobyov - the main character, a bachelor project!Who was the main participant in the new 4th season of the show "The Bachelor" (Russia) - is the question many fans worried about the TV project on TNT. At the end of November 2016 the channel TNT announced the official name - it was a popular actor and musician Alexei Vorobyov!In January 2016 Alexei turns 28 years old, which makes it very attractive bachelor. According to the organizers, they thought about Alexei invitation to star in one season of the show "The Bachelor", but eventually abandoned this idea by Yevgeny Levchenko.Too young and optional actor was at the time, he told Carolina Kubrinsk, creative producer of the project.Alex is known as a ladies' man, he is credited with a lot of stormy romances with famous girls of the Russian show business. But at the moment he is with no one to meet, of course, it is essential to show "The Bachelor" Season 4.Alex says that for the sake of a TV show, he had to stop working entirely and refuse in the shooting of one of the famous director. For the sake of "Bach", he prematurely departed from the United States almost immediately after a business meeting on the release of the new album (co-operation was carried out with one of the largest music labels in the world).Vorobiev had to suspend his own life and career, which was built about 10 years, for a period of about 3 months. All these victims are laid on the altar of the fact that according to Alexei's really important that, according to the star, he had hitherto shunned and, in part, the reason for this was the time at work. Hero hopes that this television show will help him find something real and worthwhile, then it is still not enough.As the actor himself, he never in his life had not set anything above their own work, as evidenced by his numerous achievements. But in order to life has changed, according to Alexei himself, it is necessary to begin to change something in yourself, but not in others. As the singer explains, he believes the decision is not so much a desire to participate in the television project as a desire to change their lives.This decision was the famous actor and singer sparked heated debate from both the fans of the TV show "The Bachelor" and his own. Moreover, opinions were divided, and many do not support the star. The main argument "against" is the age Vorobyov - he is now 27, and the image of Alexei does not cause the association with a hardened bachelor who needs help in settling personal life.In his Instagram hero I put a few photos from the shooting of the project "The Bachelor", which are not official personnel. On one of them himself Alexei Vorobyov on the background of sky and water, and on the other - silhouettes of two girls.In order to preserve the intrigue, photos are made so that people can not see and you can not guess who it is. But according to some sources in the show will involve a minimum of two beauty queens.Jan Anosova visited together with Alexei Vorobyov mountain and quad biking. During dinner, she decided to ask a bachelor advance questions, but in the end, these same questions she asked the protagonist, and the girl for many of them had no answer.In the final 13 edition of the show "The Bachelor" Jan Anosova first came to Alexis in a wedding dress. However, she has not received an engagement ring, and Alex said goodbye to her, hold up to the car.Then, to everyone's surprise and dismay of fans of the show, also did not receive a ring and Natalia Gorozhanova, which from the very beginning of the project predicted victory. Despite the fact that a girl asked Alexei Vorobyov not let her go, he made his final decision and said goodbye to her.The final "Bachelor 4" with Alexei Vorobyov was the first case where the main character left alone, denying all participants.


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